Wrapped Low Bun For Events and Parties

Wrapped Low Bun For Events and Parties

Wrapped Low Bun For Events and Parties

Summer has already approached our doors; with it, we will get several invitations for beach parties, formal drink parties, and dinner date meetings. Besides, there would be some cozy wedding ceremonies which would be organized by friends and relatives, so you have to have an idea of a couple of hairstyles, makeover looks and dressing trends before you step out of the home to attend anything.

All women love braids, intricate down-dos, and buns but many girls believe that they may add some figures in your age if your face is broad, which is more likely when you have too short or too thin hair. If tying all your hair has been your dream for a long time, you might be wanting to wear an updo or down-do but have a fear for it because you cannot carry it due to broad or round face shape, what else to be done?  A good idea is keeping a couple of hair cut in fingers on the front side or considers pulling out some flyaway hair to add volume to the face shape. There is more you can do, wear a nice wrapped low bun to the events without having to worry about your face shape, because it allows you to have some messiness on the front hair, for instance, two small hair sections can be pulled out from both side of the head,  you needn’t worry about your face frame anymore.

Things needed:

Bobby pins


Hair wax

Hair spray

Ponytail band

Tutorial on a low wrapped bun

  1. Begin by preparing your hair. It’s understandable if you have frizzes on your hair, you need to apply some hair wax and comb well until you get some gloss on hair.
  2. The glosser hair makes a sleeker bun. Try to bring it. Once you are done, begin with your bun by tying all the back hair into a nice ponytail. Mind that you need to leave some front hair untied, use an alligator clip to separate it.
  3. Now wrap this ponytail of back hair, right at the nape of the head or bit high by wrapping it in a bun like a form. Pin it up properly to secure it.
  4. Now set the front hair-free. Take the right hair section, divide it into two. Now first overlap one section over the bun, moving it towards the left side. Then work with the second section.
  5. Repeat the process with the hair on the left side.
  6. Spritz the hair spray to set your freeways and make a smooth look.

Wear an intricate braid! Try Swirled knots

We have had enough of the sleekest twisted braids that have been worn by many women as these are the easiest hairstyles a woman can make at home. The newest version of twist is cornrow on the temple and then intricate weaving, which might be easy to handle especially if you are a beginner. It’s not like twisting the hair loops and making a braid, pinning it up to complete the makeup, in fact, it’s very complicated.

Fortunately, there are some twirled knots that you can try on your lovely hair as they are a nice alternative to simple knotted braid which takes time and a lot of energy for being complicated. You sometimes feel angry about your knots loosening up in the middle, they are not suitable for silky hair.

Twirled knots look very impressive on two-toned hair. If your hair has ombre in it, you will receive a lot of compliments for the style, if you have dyed your hair in two colors you will enjoy the combination of dark and black in your braid for sure. Anyways let’s get started with the tutorial of twirled knots.

Things needed:

Bobby pins are needed for almost every second stitch or step because you take a new hair section to fall over the back of the hair

Curly machine to curl the hair ends for a sleeker look

Rattail brush for separating the hair

Hair spray  for style

Video Tutorial Step by Step


Step by step tutorial on twirled braid

  1. Prepare your hair by applying the hair wax or gel.
  2. Now take a big section of hair and divide it into equal sections. The first strand should be from the front and the second from the back.
  3. Cross the back strand over the first strand, leaving a gap between the stitch.
  4. Put the end of the crossed over strand or its tail using your finger between the gap.
  5. Pull the strand up.
  6. The strands will be apart, the knot would lay flat now.
  7. There would be a strand falling down straight, use pins to set it.
  8. Pick a new hair section behind the knot. Repeat the procedure by making a knot with it and pull up the tail. Take new hair from the back as you go along the knots.
  9. Secure the last knot by pin or band.
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