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How to Make Upward Lace Braid
Image © Cute Girls Hairstyles

Hairstyles enhance the beauty of a girl and provide them a beautiful and attractive new look. Every girl wants to look beautiful. They want to look attractive and beautiful. So they loved to try unique and pretty hairstyles that are easy to make and also look stunning. You may also like this How to Create a Loop Waterfall Braid

There are many types of braids styles but today I’m going to share with you one of the beautiful upward lace braid hairstyles. This hairstyle looks beautiful and attractive. This so cut hairstyle that every young girl can make it and looks cute with it. Here are the easy steps to learn how to make an upward lace braid hairstyle.

Things you need to make upward lace braid hairstyle:

  • Hairbrush
  • Barbie pins
  • Bow Or Ribbon

Step by step video tutorial to make upward lace braid Hairstyle:

Video © Cute Girls Hairstyles

Step by step tutorial to make upward lace braid Hairstyle:

First, take a brush and make your hairbrush properly from back to front. If you have curl hairs make them straight through hair straightening irons.

  1. Create a middle line of your hair it should be equally straight that both right and left side of hairs should be equal.
  2. Take the half portion of the right side of the hairs. And make them divided into two equal portions.
  3. Now create a braid to upward by taking one layer of hairs from the hairs that apart from the portion just like a French braid.
  4. Create a French braid properly on the right side as around as your head.
  5. Now take small Barbie pins to tie it up properly.
  6. Do this same step on the left side also and create a braid same as you created on the right side
  7. Also, tie up the left side braid properly
  8. Now take a beautiful and colorful bow or ribbon and tie it in the middle of the hairs to make both braids combine with each other.
  9. Now if you want to use hairspray then you use it otherwise avoid it.

Tips: if you don’t like to make your hairs open then you can tie it up. You can create a simple braid or ponytail after making this hairstyle. You can also stick some beautiful beads on the top of your braid. It will look beautiful and make you look more attractive and gorgeous. Make your ponytail straight and simple. This hairstyle is so easy to make that any little girl can make it by here self and make them be noticed in functions and parties. This hairstyle is best for little cute girls. The teenagers can also make it with some glitters and beads on it to make it look prettier. Try this hairstyle at home with the help of this tutorial and enjoy it.If you like our effort so don’t forget to like our Facebook Page.

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How to Create a Loop Waterfall Braid
Image © Cute Girls Hairstyles

Most of the girls enjoy trying something unique and different. If you want to change your look then you should try different hairstyles. There are many hairstyles that will totally give you a new look. If you have long and shiny hairs then you can make any type of hairstyles. As you know that simple hair braids are not difficult to make almost every girl can make it easily. But today we are going to share an interesting braid style that is loop waterfall braid. This braid is little difficult to make but once you understand the all steps you can make it easily at home. Following are the complete methods to guide you that how can you create a loop waterfall braid hairstyle.

Things you need to make a loop waterfall braid:

  • Hair Brush
  • Barbie pins
  • Hair spray
  • Hair Wax

Step by step tutorial to make a loop waterfall braid Video Tutorial:

Video © Cute Girls Hairstyles

Step by step tutorial to make a loop waterfall braid:

  1. Wash your hair properly. Make them dry and then brush it proper. If you want to straight your hairs then you can do it. This hairstyle is mostly suits on straight hairs so it is better to make your hairs properly straight.
  2. If you feel that you can make a clear loop on wet hairs then you can make it.
  3. You can use hair wax to make your hair set properly. A girl with silky hairs should apply hair wax properly.
  4. Almost 1.15 inches back from the hairs. Pick a small portion of hairs to create your first loop.
  5. Take a small portion of hairs and make them wrap around your middle finger and make it twisted around to make a perfect loop
  6. The direction of the loop should be downwards.
  7. Pinch the falling loop with the help of your two middle fingers and use your thumb to make it twist.
  8. With the help of your two middle fingers try to pick same size of small portion of hairs to create a second loop
  9. To create a second loop again twisted the small portion of hairs into round shape.
  10. Reap these steps again and again to create 3 more loops.
  11. After creating all 5 loops take a small Barbie pins to make it tie up properly.
  12. At end take a hairspray and spread it on your hairs properly.

Tips: You can also make a ponytail after creating a loop. If you feel that hairspray makes your hair hard and dry then leave it doesn’t use it. Don’t forget to use hair spray because it is important for silky hairs. If your hairs are silky then without hair wax it is difficult to handle it or create a loop because when you create a loop then your hair can be slip from your fingers so it is best to apply hair wax before making a braid.