How To Make And Apply Olive Oil And Honey Hair Mask At...

How To Make And Apply Olive Oil And Honey Hair Mask At Home

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How To Make And Apply Olive Oil And Honey Hair Mask At Home

The olive oil and honey are very effective for the growth of hairs and for glowing and shiny skin as well. Hair fall, hair damage, and slow growth of hairs are the main problems that many girls are suffering from. The shine and long hair will help you to increase your confidence level. If you have damage and rough hair it will also make you look ugly. Every girl wants long and shiny hair and wants to look attractive and beautiful. You can make your hair healthy and long with the help of olive oil and honey mask. This mask is very easy you can make it at home.

Things you will need to make and apply olive oil and honey hair mask at home:

  • The extra virgin olive oil.
  • The high quality of honey.
  • A bowl
  • Paintbrush
  • Shower cap.

Steps tutorial for how to make and apply olive oil and honey hair mask at home:

  1. Take a bowl and add good quality of virgin olive oil in it
  2. Now take a 4table spoon of honey and mixed it properly with olive oil.
  3. After mixing it properly. Keep it at room temperature for 30 minutes. When both effective ingredients are properly mixed with each other it produces vitamin c that helps to make your hair grow fast with natural shine in it.
  4. Now take a paintbrush or basting brush and apply it on your hairs properly. Divide your hair into two parts so that it would be easier to apply the mask on your hairs. Make sure that the mask is distributed properly throughout your hair.
  5. After applying it. Take a shower cap, plastic wrap, or plastic grocery bag to cover your head. Keep it covered for at least one hour. When you will cover your hairs with the plastic cap it will provide heat that helps olive oil and homey to absorb into the hairs properly.
  6. Now rinse it with warm water. Don’t use hot water. You may feel your hairs sticky and stiff so rinse it until you feel soft and supple hair. Try to use a shampoo that free from sulfate and surfactant is more effective for your hairs as compared to other shampoos.
  7. Make your hair dry naturally. Don’t use any heated iron machine to make it dry. The machines such as dryer and straightening iron are dangerous for your hairs so try to avoid them and use natural products for your hairs.

Tip:  You can’t make this mask and keep it stored for a long period. Try to apply olive and honey mask once mask a week to get better and quick results. Take care of your hairs and try to use natural products and avoid all hair dyes, hair colors to save your hairs from damages. If you have long hair try these hairstyles. is enthusiastic about sharing latest updates happening in the fashion industry. We love explore unique products that are deemed effective for women. We are also keeping an eye on the market to learn what kind of progress a particular makeup product or brand is making and how that product can be beneficial for many women if it is shared with all pros and cons. Keep in mind that we are not associated with any of the third party agent or company or are promoting stuff for our interest in order to garner some sales. There is no monetary benefit involved in operating or running except for helping out women round the globe. We love sharing useful stuff, our writers are also collecting information all around the globe so that they can keep you update on what’s in and what’s out. We know that there are already millions of competitors who are doing the same but we are different because we are not posting or sharing ordinary stuff to misguide our readers.


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