Nails Art and Nails care

Nails Art and Nails care

How awkward it is for a woman to have a set of nice acrylic nails fixed on the nail beds while the real nails are in terrible condition? It’s a cruel thing to ignore your nails and cover them by any artificial nail design just to show off how beautiful your hands look even though you are not taking care of your nails. Many women don’t bother to have a manicure or pedicure done on weekly basis because they believe that these parts of the body don’t need as attention as skin and hair do. They are mistaken because the truth is very opposite, your nails and hands are noticed by onlooker at the very first sight. If they are untidy, broken or compromised in any way, you will be taken as a reckless personality. If someone is too busy to take care of their nails, they are literally having a bad lifestyle. Fortunately, there are plenty of nice nail art designs that you can try at home. Even though you are very expert in wearing fake nails, you still have to take care of your real toe nails because they are your genuine assets. If they need to be clipped, you have to do it before you do anything else. Unclipped nails are more suspected to tear and wear, often they catch infection more easily than we can imagine. Therefore, they have filed right after the clipping process or else they would definitely break in some way. Covering your nail flaws is not a big thing- apply one coat of a quality nail lacquer. You don’t need to do it anyhow; you have to find out a solution for the flaw because it has to be gone. It’s not wise to hide the flaw; the rational approach is dealing with it and keeping an end to it. For instance, the nails turn very brittle or very rough in texture some weeks of the year, it happens during the winter time, what you can do to heal them completely is apply some essential oil on them using the cotton tip or let a coat of Vitamin E lacquer keeps them fully covered, it will help them from further damage and breakage. Do not follow every nail tip blindly, if someone is telling you to use raw garlic on the nails, you must not do it unless you are sure that it is safe. Also, invest in some accessories needed for shaping of nails such as scissors, filer, and clipper. If the edge of the nails are hard you need to it clip is before it sticks in anything, making you to scream with pain.

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