Best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

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Best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Every girl love to do makeup to enhance the beauty of their features but most them are confused at a time of selecting eyeliner eye shadow and mascara colors. Mostly girls don’t know what color suits them the most according to their eye color. Today in this article we discuss eye makeup for the blue eye colored ladies out there. The right selection of colors will make you look more pretty and attractive. The blue eye color is one of the most pretty and beautiful eye colors. Following are the tips and suggestion about blue colored eyes that what colors you have to choose while doing your eye make.

Best Eyeliner Colors for Blue Eyes:

The girls having blue eye color are the prettiest girl among the all other girls. If you are confused what eyeliner color you should choose to enhance your eye beauty then here is some suggested eyeliner colors for you.

  • Purple Eyeliner:

The combination of purple and blue look awesome so you should try purple eyeliner if you have blue eyes. It will make you look more beautiful and attractive.

  • Black Eyeliner:

The black color is the only one that looks beautiful when combines with another color. So you should try black eyeliner because it will make your eye color more prominent and you will look decent and gorgeous.

  • Silver shiny Eyeliner:

The silver eyeliner color also suits on girls having blue eyes. So try silver glittered eyeliner and enhance your beauty.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Blue Eyes:

To apply eyeliner for blue eyes color is not a difficult task to do so. If you want to learn the complete procedure of applying it then you should click the mention link for the full detailed tutorial.

Best Eye Shadows Colors for Blue Eyes:

Following are the best eye shadows colors especially for blue eyes that looks beautiful with the above mentioned eyeliner colors so you should try them.

  • Taupe
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Lilac
  • Dark brown
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Gray
  • Gold
  • Copper

How to apply Eye shadow for Blue Eyes:

There are many different techniques to apply perfect eye shadows. To apply eye shadows is not difficult if you learn all the techniques of applying it properly. Click the link for complete tutorial to know how to apply eye shadows for blue eyes.

Best Mascara Colors for Blue Eyes:

Following are the best mascara colors that look beautiful on the girls having blue eyes.

  • Dior Show Mascara in Blue Catwalk.
  • Maybelline Washable Mascara in Royal Blue.
  • Mascara in Plum Color.
  • Light Lash Mascara in Electric blue color.
  • The Black and glitter mascara of black shop.

How to apply Mascara for Blue Eyes:

To apply mascara is the easiest among all makeup. However, if you still don’t know how to apply it and what type of mascara is of good quality then you can learn all these things by just following the tutorial mention in the link for you. is enthusiastic about sharing latest updates happening in the fashion industry. We love explore unique products that are deemed effective for women. We are also keeping an eye on the market to learn what kind of progress a particular makeup product or brand is making and how that product can be beneficial for many women if it is shared with all pros and cons. Keep in mind that we are not associated with any of the third party agent or company or are promoting stuff for our interest in order to garner some sales. There is no monetary benefit involved in operating or running except for helping out women round the globe. We love sharing useful stuff, our writers are also collecting information all around the globe so that they can keep you update on what’s in and what’s out. We know that there are already millions of competitors who are doing the same but we are different because we are not posting or sharing ordinary stuff to misguide our readers.


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